We've Moved!

Visit us at our new shop:

Shop 13, 2-64 Steer Rd Gregory Hills, NSW 2557

(Located in the Gregory Hills Homemaker Centre, Behind Masters)

Macarthur Pets offers a variety of small animals, birds, reptiles and fish for aspiring pet owners throughout the Macarthur area. Our friendly and accommodating pet shop assistants will be happy to assist you with finding what you're looking for.

Hand raised birds are always popular pets. At Macarthur Pets we have a range of hand raised birds available including cockatiels, conures, quaker parrots, eclectus parrots and macaws.

Our aquariums are always full of a fantastic range of cold water and tropical fish. We also have a range of colourful fighting fish as well as axolotl’s available. 

Reptiles are our specialty! Come in and have a look around our ‘Reptile Room’. Our staff are very experienced keepers and breeders of various reptiles.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are very popular at Macarthur Pets. They make great pets for kids and can grow quite attached to their owners!