Blue_and_Gold_Macaw_(8679984901)Someone to Sing Away the Afternoon?

At Macarthur Pets, we have a large range of hand raised birds available ranging from Cockatiels, to Conures, all the way up to Macaws!
We also stock finches of all varieties and mutations, so you’re sure to find a feathered friend to suit your needs and aviary.

We stock a huge range of bird products and food, such as Avi-Grain, Vetafarm and Avi-One just to name a few. You can find everything you need from small to large cages and aviaries, perches and hammocks, toys to play with, and medication to keep your friend strong and healthy.

Visit us today and let our staff guide you to which species would fit your time commitments and lifestyle and what you want from your feathered friend.