Spiders and creepy crawlies are not usually everyone’s first thought as pets….

Urodacus elongatus - Flinders Ranges Scorpion on White Backgroun

but they do make a great pet for a few reasons:

– they usually make little to no noise
– most of them are quite docile
– they require little space
– they are easy to take care of and feed
– they’re unusual, unique and interesting pets

We stock a range of  Australian Bird Eating Spiders, a huge range of Scorpions including Flinders Ranges Scorpions, Rainforest Scorpions, and more. We also carry Stick Insects, Giant Burrowing Roaches, and everything you need to take care of your new pet.

Our Staff are well experienced and can either guide you towards the animal best suited to your lifestyle or help you get started with your new Creepy Crawly pet no matter what you may need.