comunity-tank-w-mollieThere is so much more to Fish and Aquatic Pets!

Come down and have a look at our 48 tank freshwater, tropical, and cichlid wall of fish that would make a perfect addition to your tank at home. With species such as Goldfish, Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails, Tetras, and Australian Natives, you will not be disappointed for choice here at Macarthur Pets!

With many requirements necessary to keep your fish in perfect health, it is hard at times to know where to turn for advice and general maintenance needs for your tank. We are happy to test your tanks water, help you identify any problems, and make sure that things are going “swimmingly”.

We have an extensive range of accessories and maintenance equipment with well-known brands such as Aqua One, Fluval, Marina, Aqua Pro and API which makes Macarthur Pets your one-stop shop for your aquarium needs.

Not only do we have all of your live fish and supplement needs, we also help you take care of your tank with all needed  filtration, aeration, heating, lighting, medications, substrates, aquatic plants (live and artificial), ornaments, foods such as live feeder fish, feeder yabbies, bloodworms and frozen goods.

If you are starting out for the first time, we also carry a large range of tanks from small to GIGANTIC to fit your needs.

Come and see us today!