nephrurus-levis-levis-smooth-knob-tailed-geckofReptiles are a great addition to any home!!

Macarthur Pets is home to one of the largest  ranges of live reptiles and reptile accessories!

A small carpet python or a bearded dragon is a great starter animal for your young one. At Macarthur Pets we have a specialist staff made up of people with Zoological experience and those who are long time reptile keepers. We are here to help you along each step of the way to make sure that your new reptile is safe, healthy and happy. Quality that you can see and afford has always been a huge focus here at Macarthur Pets, and with our large range of reptile and amphibian products; lighting (UV), heating (mats, heat lights, heat cords and ceramic heat emitters) and foods (crickets, mealworms, woodies, mice, rats etc.) to general breeding supplies, we have everything you could need to keep your animal happy. We also have an extensive range of reptile enclosures as well as cage furniture and accessories from popular suppliers such as URS, Reptile One and Exo Terra as well as many others.

Let our knowledgeable staff help you get the most out of your new scaly friend.