Tropical fish require a special filter, tank, care and temperature. We have everything you need to pickup a colourful tropical fish. We can arrange full Aquarium setups for your tropical fish/ freshwater fish.

Along with cold water, tropical and marine fish, we also stock Yabbies, Axolotls and magnificent Corals. Speak to our highly trained staff in store and view our amazing range of aquatic animals.

Beginner Aquariums

The simplest of aquarium setups for beginners is a Goldfish or Betta fish setup. Apart from being extremely low maintenance and easy to to care for, both Goldfish and Betta fish come in stunning varieties and colours.

We have a huge range of tanks, accessories and fish to help ignite your passion for all things aquatic!

Tropical & Marine Aquariums 

Whether you're after new fish for your aquarium or after a complete aquarium setup, you have to come the right place.

Our aquarium specialists here at Macarthur Pets can help you choose the right tank, accessories and fish for the ultimate aquarium setup.