Hand Raised Birds

Hand-raised birds are one of the most rewarding pets you can own. A bird that is hand-raised has learnt to be around humans and can be tame, often cuddly and easy to handle. 

Many breeds of hand-raised birds can be taught to mimic or talk.  A Hand-raised bird can be a great addition to your family so speak to our team today to find out more information.

Aviary Birds

If your passion for birds extends far beyond the bird cage, then we have a stunning range of bird species for you. Our experienced team will be able to assist you on aviary bird selection based on the current size of your aviary and types of birds you wish to keep.

Pet Budgies 

Budgies, full name Budgerigars, are one of the most popular feathered companion animals in the family home. Did you know budgies can memorise hundreds of different words and learn various entertaining tricks?

Budgies will typically eat a seed-based diet incorporated with a good quality Budgie crumble. This diet contains all the nutrients that your budgie will need to stay in good health. You can also feed your budgie leafy greens as these also provide essential vitamins and minerals. Budgies also enjoy fruit but limit this to once or twice a week. Using cuttlefish for their beak will also help boost their calcium levels as well as grind the point of the beak away naturally as they chew.

For more advice on buying a budgie, please drop into our store or give us a call!