Don't destroy the walls and floor of your bathroom or laundry! Our self-serve dog wash is built to handle the spray of your wet dog shaking everywhere!

Our simple to use pet dog wash bay will get your dirty dog squeaky clean again. With easy access and safe doggy tie up points, our elevated tub makes bath time comfortable for both you and your fur baby.

No appointments needed!

How does it work? 

The wash bay works in 5 stages-

Shampoo - Gently shampoo your dog and massage in by hand.

Rinse - Rinse your dog as required.

Condition - Use a gentle conditioner and moisturiser for a healthy coat.

Blow-Dry - Blow dry your dog's coat to a nice, shiny finish.

Rinse Tub -  Rinse out the tub so it's clean and ready for the next wash.