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Black Hawk Puppy Chicken Jerky Bites

Black Hawk Treat range is made in regional Australia from locally and responsibly sourced ingredients. The treats are all made from 100% Aussie meat, such as Australian Beef, Kangaroo, Chicken with only prime cuts used. These treats are grain-free, no wheat, corn, rice or oats.

- These bites are made from premium cuts of Australian chicken fillet with at least 84% meat protein.
- They are small in size and perfect for a puppy's little mouth.
- These treats are ideal as a training or a reward treat.

These treats are are high in natural fats and protein which make them irresistible to dogs and the oven-dried cooking preserves the meat ingredient's moisture content. An oxygen absorber sachet is included in each pack to ensure its freshness for up to 15 months. Once opened, they will need to be refrigerated and consumed within 10 days. The zip-lock feature will ensure you can store them for optimal freshness.