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Amazonia Hairball Control Shampoo

Amazonia Pet Care brings the biodiverse goodness of the Amazonian rainforest to you with their innovative, natural line of pet products. Amazonia Pet Care uses the flourishing gifts of the rainforest to bring together a wealth of natural ingredients which nourish, protect, regenerate and soothe fur and skin. The Amazonian essence is conservationally focused, and sustainably sourced. At Amazônia Pet Care, nature is a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight.

The Amazonia Cat Shampoo Hairball Control was created to act quickly, while retaining a gentle clean for sensitive kitty skin. With super soft ingredients which are natural sources of Omega 3 + 6, antioxidants, and fatty acids, this natural shampoo is a natural and effective way of reducing hairballs. Formulated to behave like a humectant, it leaves your cats coat moisturised and sleek, preveting bezoar formation in the gastrointestinal tract.