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Merrylands Produce Peter's Munch and Crunch

Peters pure animal foods are specially formulated in Victoria for your little darlings - from the smallest mice to the largest rabbit, and even the feathery members of your flock! With a focus on quality and consistency, Peters has led the way in the expansion of nutritional food for companion animals.

Peters Munch and Crunch is a fragrant blend of crunchy grains and cereal puffs, chewy carob and faba beans tossed with fresh, leafy lucerne. Your furry pocket pet will love discovering the variety of flavours and textures. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to encourage natural foraging behaviour and provide mental stimulation as your pet rummages for tasty morsels to nibble. And the more your pet gnaws and nibbles to their hearts content, the more their teeth are kept trim! This diet is suitable for all breeds of adult rabbits and guinea pigs.