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Nectar of the Dogs Joint + Longevity Supplement Powder

Nectar of the Dog provides a fresh solution for your dog’s supplement needs. Realising that humans have been benefiting from health drinks for years, it was time for our canine companions to get the same nutritious treatment. Nectar of the Dogs Joint Longevity Supplement Powder is designed to go into your pup’s water, and is packed with superfood ingredients that can help support your dog’s joint health.

Made with a potent blend of herbs for healthy joints, this supplement is enriched with NAD+, which is believed to support a healthy cellular function when dog’s get older. Offering further nutritional value, this supplement also contains K1, K2, and D3 to support healthy bones and immune function. This easy-to-use formula is vet-formulated and made from human-grade ingredients to support healthy joints in dogs.