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Ziwi Peak Air Dried Cat Food Mackerel & Lamb

Unlike conventional dry foods that are mass produced and cooked at high temperatures, our foods are handcrafted and gently air-dried in our kitchens. A modern take on centuries-old meat preserving techniques, our Z-TWINTECH air drying technology locks in the goodness of our raw ingredients, without artificial preservatives.

Ziwi Peak Mackerel and Lamb Air-Dried Cat Food is the best of New Zealands land and sea. Gently air-dried to lock in natures goodness with no added grains, artificial flavours or preservatives. A protein rich recipe made from wild and sustainably source Blue Mackerel and premium Lamb, free from hormones and antibiotics, and ethically raised by multi-generational family farmers in New Zealands green pastures. With added Green Muscle, ia natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint and mobility support. Ziwi Peak Mackerel and Lamb Air-Dried Cat Food is gently nourishing, full of nutrition and a great natural choice for cats of all breeds and life stages.