Small Animals

Puppy Our small animal department is full of cute and cuddly companion animals, from gorgeous puppies, cute kittens, fluffy bunnies and more! We pride ourselves on matching you with the purrfect family pet based on your home environment, time availability and relative experience. All our animals are ethically sourced and cared for by experienced staff to ensure that your pet is healthy and ready for their new home.

You will love our huge range of products including collars, harnesses and leads toys, treats, pet food, bedding, enclosures, grooming accessories, flea, tick and worming prevention and more.

Our 3 Day Cooling Off Period

We want your new companion to be a forever pet so it's important they fit into their new home. There are many reasons your new pet might not be settling in but for peace of mind our 3 day cooling off period allows you to return your pet to the store so that we can find them a new home.

Buying a puppy from Macarthur Pets

All of our precious puppies come vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, flea-treated and include a 7 day health guarantee. You also receive a free health check by our friends and partner Macarthur Veterinary Group Gregory Hills as well as two month's free pet insurance. 

All of our puppies come from PIAA Approved breeders that are independently audited each year to ensure that their breeding practices are responsible and humane. 

All of our puppies come with a lifetime rehoming policy as per PIAA regulations. Customers can rest assured that our puppies are not the product of puppy farms.