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Ziss Fish and Shrimp Egg Tumbler Incubator ZET-65

For successful and healthy breeding of shrimp, tropical and marine fish fry.

Includes tumbler body, filter sponge, stainless steel mesh net, air control valve & tubing

The Ziss fish and shrimp fry tumblers provide a sophisticated and advanced way to hatch fish and shrimp species – even the most delicate and sensitive fish species like Frontosa, Blue Moba, Xenotilapia Red Princess, etc. These beautifully designed incubators provide fish eggs with steady water current in order to keep them healthy and moving at all times. The provided filter foam and stainless steel mesh net ensure that no harmful particles from the fish tank will come in contact with the developing fry.

The clear body of the device includes a hang-on mounting option as well as bottom support for standing on the tank floor. The mesh net is produced from high quality stainless steel, which gives a long shelf life. All parts of the breeders can easily be cleaned.

Key Features:

* Works at early stage striped eggs
* Shock to the fish fry due to water change is eliminated
* Can be used for multi-egg species production
* Embryonic development can be easily observed
* Bad/rotten eggs can be easily removed by siphoning
* Eggs and sac fry will not be stressed by soft flow of water and round bottom design
* Shorten the breeding cycle of the breeder
* Suction cups for hang-on mounting provided
* 65mm internal diameter - for medium fish