Macarthur Pets

Over the past 10 years, Macarthur Pets has been the leading pet store in the Macarthur region. Originally located in Narellan and now next to Services NSW in Gregory Hills, we still carry the same level of care and passion for our pets and continue to provide a high end service for all of our customers.

Small Animals

Our small animal department is full of cute and cuddly companion animals, from gorgeous puppies, cute kittens, fluffy bunnies and more! We pride ourselves on matching you with the purrfect family pet based on your home environment, time availability and relative experience. All our animals are ethically sourced and cared for by experienced staff to ensure that your pet is healthy and ready for their new home.

You will love our huge range of products including collars, harnesses and leads toys, treats, pet food, bedding, enclosures, grooming accessories, flea, tick and worming prevention and more.


From Finches, Lovebirds, Budgies and parrots. All the way to a Golden Macaw. We have an extensive, and exciting array of birds at Macarthur Pets. We also stock an extensive range of toys, mirrors, and bells to excite your feathered friend.

Whether you’re looking for a companion for your existing birds, or looking for the perfect first pet, Come instore and talk to our staff about whats right for you!


Macarthur Pets originally started out in 2008 as The Reptile Shop, one of the very first reptile specialists in NSW. Whilst over the years we have expanded to include all kinds of pets, our expertise in the reptile department has grown along with our extensive range of enclosures and accessories.

We cater for all levels of experience in reptile keeping, from the novice purchasing their very first lizard or gecko to the committed hobbyist looking to increase their collection and possibly even breed.


Tropical fish require a special filter, tank, care and temprature. We have everything you need to pickup a colourful tropical fish. We can arrange full Aquarium setups for your tropical fish/ freshwater fish.

Alongwith freshwater fish, we also have Yabbys and Axolotls, and other intersting sea creatures. Speak to our highly trained staff in store, and view our range of aquatic animals


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