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Petsafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain

This sleek new Petsafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain is an innovative solution for pet hydration. Designed to entice your dog or cat to drink more, this water fountain mimics a natural running water source which pets often prefer over stagnant water.

Key Features:

* Automatic water dispenser encourages pets to stay hydrated
* Adjustable flow control to customize for your pet’s preference and increase well-being
* Combines carbon and foam filtration for cleaner, healthier water
* Energy-efficient with low voltage power consumption
* Designed with a ramp to reduce splashing and noise


* Capacity: 7.5 liters, perfect for large or multiple pet households
* Modern square design to provide ample drinking space
* Power: Low voltage 12V system with wall plug for safety

Pet Suitability & Product Care:

* Universal appeal for cats and dogs of all sizes and multi-pet families
* Easy-to-replace filters help maintain optimal fountain performance
* Simple cleaning process, ensuring convenient fountain maintenance