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From Finches, Lovebirds and Parrots, all the way to a Golden Macaw. Macarthur Pets have an extensive, and exciting array of bird cages, food, treats and toys to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy!

  • $13.99

    All Pet Finch Cane Nest

    Covered cane nest suitable for finches and small birds.

  • $9.99

    Newcraft Breeders Delight Sterilised Feathers

    Sterilised Feathers Nesting Material. Ideal For Finches and Canaries as nest building material.

  • $7.99

    Newcraft Budgie Nest Box

    Budgie Breeding Nest Box. These breeding boxes are ideal for providing a safe place for your budgie (or lovebirds) to lay their eggs. Has a dome sh...

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  • $3.99

    Newcraft Canary Plastic Nest

    A plastic nest for canary's that can be fixed to the inside of a cage or breeding box. Easy to clean.

  • $29.99

    Newcraft Carry Box

    A carry box made from MDF with a wire mesh front and a plastic handle that is suitable for carrying and transporting birds over a short distance (e...

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  • $15.99

    Newcraft Cockatiel Nest Box

    Cockatiel Breeding Nest Box. These breeding boxes are suited to various medium sized parrots and cockatiels.

  • $6.99

    Newcraft Gouldian Finch Nest Box

    Ideal for most type of finches, especially gouldian finches. Ply is more weather tolerant and will not absorb water as easily.

  • $79.99

    Newcraft Nesting Box L Shape

    These wooden MDF nest boxes are suitable for a range of medium sized parrots.

  • from $17.99

    Newcraft Parrot Nest Box

    Parrot Breeding Nest Box - this nest box is suited to most medium sized parrots.

    from $17.99
  • $13.99

    Newcraft Peachface Nest Box

    Peachface Breeding Nest Box. Ideal for lovebirds or birds of similar size.

  • $14.99

    Newcraft Small Parrot Nest Box

    Small Parrot Breeding Nest Box. Ideal for most types of smaller parrots.