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Maintaining a suitable and safe aquarium can be challenging! Macarthur Pets have you covered for all your specific aquarium needs, from filters, tank care, food, ornaments and more!

  • $34.99

    Two Little Fishes AquaStik

    AquaStik is ideal for attaching corals to rocks in aquariums. AquaStik Coraline Red Underwater Epoxy Putty for marine and freshwater aquariums, Pon...

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  • $19.99

    Seachem Algae Scraper Replacement Blades

    Seachem Algae Scraper 3 in 1 Replacement Blades. The 3 in 1 Algae Scraper for glass and acrylic aquariums. Easy to replace.

  • from $44.99

    Seachem 3 in 1 Algae Scraper

    The Seachem Algae Scraper is designed with versatility in mind. With three retractable blades: metal, plastic, and soft pad, it is suited for both ...

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    from $44.99
  • $8.99

    Aquavitro Scrubber Pad

    Aquavitro Pad is the extremely durable algae pad for both glass and acrylic aquariums. Made from a durable synthetic cross-linked fiber, it has an ...

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  • $49.99

    Aquavitro Curved Spring Shears

    Aquavitro premium surgical stainless steel curved spring shears are ideal for the regular maintenance of aquatic plants, particularly when trimming...

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  • $79.99

    Aquavitro Coral Cutter

    Aquavitro surgical stainless steel coral cutters are primarily designed for use in marine aquariums, but can safely be used in freshwater as well. ...

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  • $29.99

    Aquavitro 45deg Forceps

    Aquavitro premium surgical stainless steel 45° forceps are designed for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums. These are ideal for planting a...

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  • from $10.99

    Aqua One Multi Use Breeding Tank

    Aqua One Float Tanks provides a safe place for weak, sick or pregnant fish who require temporary isolation.

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  • $10.99

    Aqua One Betta Bed Leaf Hammock

    Aqua One Betta Silicone Hammock provides the ideal resting place for your Betta with its soft natural leaf shape and smooth edges. The Betta Silico...

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  • $4.99

    Aqua One Aqua Silicone Lubricant

    The Aqua One Aqua Lube maximises the life of o-rings and moving parts within aquarium equipment. The Aqua Lube helps lubricate o-rings and impeller...

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