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From Finches, Lovebirds and Parrots, all the way to a Golden Macaw. Macarthur Pets have an extensive, and exciting array of bird cages, food, treats and toys to keep your feathered friends happy and healthy!

  • $20.99

    Aristopet Bird Wormer

    Aristopet Wormer For Birds is used for the control and treatment of roundworm in your caged bird. Roundworm infestations can be associated with wei...

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  • $23.99

    Aristopet Bird Wormer Plus Syrup

    Aristopet Worming Syrup for Ornamental Birds contains Praziquantel, treating your caged bird for threadworm, caecal worm, roundworm, gape worm and ...

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  • $18.99

    Aristopet Mite and Lice Spray

    Aristopet Mite and Lice Spray for Ornamental Birds is a low toxicity natural Pyrethrum spray, that is formulated to control feather mites and lice ...

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  • $30.99

    Aristopet Poultry Wormer

    Aristopet Poultry Wormer treats hairworm, caecal worm and roundworm in chickens, duck, geese, turkeys and other food producing birds. Worm infestat...

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  • $23.99

    Aristopet Red Colour Enhancer

    Aristopet Red Colour Enhancer will help your red canary become more vibrant in colour. Add it to water or soft food.

  • $15.99

    Aristopet Scaly Face/Leg Lotion

    Aristopet Scaly Face and Leg treatment for Caged Birds is for the treatment caused by external parasite Cnemidocoptes pilae in Budgies, Canaries, F...

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  • from $23.99

    Avi One Bird Net Round Sock and Handle

    The new Avi One Bird Net is perfect for catching medium to large birds with minimum stress!

    from $23.99
  • $12.99

    Avi One Bird Sand Sheet

    The Avi One Sand Sheets are designed to be placed at the bottom of your bird cage. While your bird is walking on the sand, it will assist in trimmi...

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  • from $9.99

    Avi One Sand Perch Cover

    The Avi One Sand Perch Covers are designed to trim down your birds claws and beak naturally.

    from $9.99
  • from $14.99

    Avitrol Bird Mite and Lice Spray

    A pyrethrin based spray for control of feather mites and lice on cage birds and their environment.

    from $14.99
  • $34.99

    Elliots Sulpha D

    Elliotts Sulpha D for the control and treatment of coccidiosis and enteritis in caged birds. NOT to be used in food producing species of birds. ...

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  • $13.99

    Living World Bird Claw Scissors

    Cut your birds claws at ease with the Living World Bird Claw scissors, designed to effectively maintain nails in pet birds, rabbits, guinea pigs an...

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  • $31.99

    Mavlab Oxymav B Antibiotic Powder

    Oxymav B for Birds is a soluble Antibiotic powder. Contains Oxytetracycline HCl 10g/kg.

  • $29.99

    McDonalds Pet Supplies Bird Poop Suit

    Poop Suits are fashion for birds but made with a purpose. These quirky little suits have a disposable pad in the seat to collect the messy bird dro...

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  • $5.99
  • from $39.99

    McDonalds Pet Supplies Night Cover

    The bird cage night cover is made by McDonald's Pet Supplies. It protects your bird from cold winds and early morning sun. It reduces distractions ...

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    from $39.99
  • from $17.99

    McDonalds Pet Supplies Seed Tidy

    This McDonald Bird Cage Tidy is ex-seed-ingly fantastic. No more seeds flying around the place, this great bird cage tidy is even washable so it is...

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    from $17.99
  • from $6.99

    Merrylands Produce Fine Grit

    Made from finely ground seashells. It is a great source of calcium when added to the diet of any laying hen, especially those with limited access t...

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    from $6.99
  • $7.99


    Penn Plax Sand Sheets Penn Plax Sand Sheet Gravel Paper is designed to be placed at the bottom of all bird cages. Made with crushed sea shells f...

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  • $14.99

    Pisces Natural Natural Products Nest Material Canary And Finch

    Encourage natural nesting and foraging behaviour with Pisces range of natural nesting materials. These fine twigs are also suitable for encouraging...

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  • $24.99

    Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator

    Vetafarm Avian Insect Liquidator (A.I.L.) 100ml Ready To Use (RTU). A ready to use Mite and Lice Spray and Residual Insect Growth. Regulator Contro...

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  • $27.99

    Vetafarm Avicare Spray

    Vetafarm Avicare 500ml Ready to Use (RTU). A ready to use General Purpose Cage Cleaner + Disinfectant. Gentle on birds, tough on germs.

  • $23.99

    Vetafarm Aviclens

    Aviclens is a liquid water cleanser used to improve and protect water sources for birds.

  • $33.99

    Vetafarm Avimec

    Vetafarm Avimec is a safe and effective topical drop on treatment for scaly face mite (Knemidocoptes pilae.) in budgerigars.

  • $38.99

    Vetafarm Breeding Aid

    Vetafarm Breeding Aid 500ml. Essential Fatty Acids + Omega 3, 6, 9+ Vitamins A, D, E. Breeding supplement for birds, to assist egg production and h...

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  • from $20.99

    Vetafarm Calcivet

    Calcivet is a liquid calcium and vitamin D3 supplement for addition to water, soft foods or for direct administration in times of emergency in birds.

    from $20.99
  • $31.99

    Vetafarm Coccivet

    Vetafarm Coccivet 50ml. Coccivet is a liquid coccidiosis treatment for use in water, for pigeons and ornamental birds.

  • from $14.99

    Vetafarm Feeding Spoon

    Moulded stainless steel spoon, designed specially for hand feeding baby birds. The feeding spoon shape allows good feed flow, while still giving yo...

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    from $14.99
  • from $29.99

    Vetafarm Multivet

    Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids. Ideal daily supplement for birds, includes moulting aid to assist healthy feather development.

    from $29.99
  • $32.99

    Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus

    Sustained release carbohydrates, proteins, probiotic, electrolytes. First Aid Supplement for sick and injured Birds and Animals.

  • from $21.99

    Vetafarm Soluvite D

    Vetafarm Soluvite D 100g. 12 Essential Vitamins + Boosted Vitamin D3, Ideal daily supplement for all birds, particularly when kept indoors.

    from $21.99
  • $23.99

    Vetafarm Spark Liquid

    Vetafarm Spark Liquid Concentrate 125ml. Sustained Release Energy Supplement + Electrolytes. Water soluble supplement ideal for use in times of str...

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  • $23.99

    Vetafarm Triple C

    For the treatment of organisms susceptible to Chlortetracycline by drinking water medication or by adding to the food. Susceptible organisms may in...

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  • from $24.99

    Vetafarm Wormout Gel

    Water soluble bird wormer. For the treatment of Thread Worm (Capillaria spp.) Tapeworm (Raillietina spp, Choanotaenia spp.), Roundworm (Ascarid...

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    from $24.99