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Aqua One Brilliance 80

This product has variants which are only available for in-store pick up.

Aqua One Brilliance is simply that, brilliant! The stylish Brilliance range comes complete with a filter, heater, LED lighting and cabinet. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fish keeper, the Brilliance Aquariums will be a great addition to any home or office.

Features & Benefits:

• The included light timer allows you to automate daylight and moonlight cycles to create a natural environment within your aquarium.
• LED lighting provides brighter, clearer and more energy-efficient lighting.
• Water quality and clarity are maintained with the quiet and powerful canister filter. The modular design provides both biological and mechanical filter media while enabling additional filtration media to be added to customise your filter to suit your requirements.
• Resin coated LED panel for a high level of water resistance.
• The included glass heater makes it easy to maintain the correct temperature, by providing accurate adjustable temperature and exceptional durability.
• Matching cabinet has ample storage with a sleek gloss finish.