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Aqua One AquaLume 27L Glass Aquarium

Aqua One AquaLume Glass Aquarium is the perfect aquarium for any home or office. Showcasing a frameless design with low iron opti-clear glass for flawless viewing and space-saving LED lights to enhance the colours of your aquatic décor and aquarium inhabitants.

Features & Benefits:
- Low iron opti-clear glass provides true colourviewing
- Frameless aquarium creates optimum viewing
- Slimline LED lights sit effortlessly underneath aquarium lids
- Fully submersible low-profile internal filter provides a combination of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration
- Provided foam base offers support and strength to the frameless aquarium
- Removable lid allowing for easy maintenance
- A heater can be added to the aquarium to provide a tropical fish environment (heater sold separetly)
- Available in two sizes