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Huds & Toke Twinkle Toes Cow Hooves

Twinkle Toes is an old favourite with a unique Huds and Toke Twist!

Australian Cow Hooves are eloquently dipped in our famous Carob and Yogurt Frosting and then finished off with some fun decorations. These make an awesome boredom busting Gourmet Dog Treat suitable for any size dog.

As they are hooves, there are NO bones. Yet by very nature, they will last a long time. Your puppies with play with, and chew on, these for hours. Especially with the dipped toe! First they will try to lick off the Frosting.... As this is set hard, it's not as easy as it looks...... so it will keep them thinking and focused on the task at hand for some-time. Then they will chew away on the rest of the Hoof for hours.

If you want to mix it up a bit, why not fill the end of the hooves with some Peanut Butter......... this will really focus their attention to solving the problem of how to get the filling out!

Australian made.
NO Sugar or artificial preservatives added and low in fat.