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Ivory Coat Grain Free Dry Cat Food Adult Chicken And Kangaroo

Ivory Coat Grain Free Indoor Chicken and Kangaroo is a high quality, natural diet developed specifically for indoor cats

This all-natural, grain free diet is made with the highest quality chicken and kangaroo protein to promote lean muscle and to help your cat in maintaining a healthy weight. This formula contains yucca extract to reduce odour elimination natural fibre to help prevent hairball formation in your indoor cat. Made in Australia from Australian ingredients, this diet is rich in omega 3 & 6 to keep your felines skin and coat looking its best.

Features Include:

* All-natural, grain free dry food;
* Made in Australia from Australian ingredients;
* High quality Chicken and Kangaroo meat meal as the first ingredients;
* Natural pre-biotic to support healthy digestion;
* No wheat, corn, soy, meat by-product or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives;
* Fully balanced diet suitable for adult cats of all breeds.