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Kazoo Reptile Greystone Cave With Plants Ornament For Terrarium Tank Is A Fun Way To Add Some Life To Your Underwater World

Key Features:

* Decorate your reptile’s enclosure with this incredibly life-like ornament.
* The Greystone Cave is a quick and easy way to add colour and excitement to your tank.
* This ornament will provide a safe haven for your reptile friend and make them feel comforted and happy, just like living out in the wild
* Individually handcrafted with unmatched detail for a realistic look of an actual cave rock formation with luscious green plants
* The ornament is made of polyresin material
* Polyresin is a sturdy compound which is great for creating statues and figurines as it holds paint well, does not fade, and allows a great level of detail with consistent
* The ornament is carefully painted with precise features for an extremely authentic look, significantly enhancing the beauty of your reptile’s enclosure
* The rock formation will satisfy your reptile’s natural instincts to lie around and relax on rocks or to hide and seek shelter
* The colours, texture and overall design is incredibly lifelike, and your reptile friend will feel like he is out in the great outdoors, enjoying the features of his natural
* The ornament is weighted and sturdy to ensure it remains firmly in place in your tank
* Purchasing a combination of aquarium decorations allows you to create your own unique landscape in your underwater world
* Ornaments are a quick, easy and no-fuss method of decorating your tank without any mess or regular maintenance
* Non-toxic and safe for reptiles
* Suitable for fresh or saltwater


24cm length x 11xm height x 13cm