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Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin And Stomach Salmon & Mackerel All Size Dry Dog Food

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Crafted to support the sensitivities of growing dogs, this premium dry dog food delivers a specialized diet with high-quality salmon and mackerel for an appetizing meal. It not only satisfies taste buds but also provides essential nutrients including colostrum to bolster the immune system of puppies.

Key Features:

* Two benefits in one - targets both skin and stomach sensitivities
* Happier tummies - excludes common food allergens like soy, wheat, corn, beef, and chicken protein
* High digestibility for optimal nutrient absorption
* Healthy coat support to strengthen hair follicles and reduce shedding
* Immune system bolstering with colostrum for developing puppies
* Signs of puppy sensitivities include itching, digestive upset, and poor coat quality
* Minerals to support strong teeth and bone development
* Supports brain and vision development with DHA
* Proudly made in Australia with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
* Contains novel proteins from real salmon and mackerel - ingredients contributing to overall health and reduced reaction risks


* Formulated for puppies with sensitivities
* Bite-sized kibble designed for easy chewing
* Complete and balanced to meet AAFCO feeding guidelines
* Breed-specific feeding guide available to support puppy growth stages

Pet Suitability & Product Care:

* Ideal for small to large breed puppies with sensitive skin or stomach
* Signs of food allergies could include scratching, gastrointestinal issues or a dull coat
* Transition to appropriate adult dog food as advised at the maturation stage of your puppy
* For breed-specific feeding advice and transition guidelines, consult the packaging
* Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight