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Royal Canin Relax Care Loaf Adult Wet Dog Food Pouches

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Relax Care is specifically formulated to help dogs adjust to new and stressful situations by reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

As members of our families, dogs are often exposed to new and sometimes stressful situations such as long distance travel, the arrival of a new baby or being left home alone while we are at work. Managing anxieties in dogs most often requires a multi modal approach, using tools like nutrition, pheremones, behavioural training and sometimes medication to achieve the best results.

This premium quality wet loaf texture dog food contains fish hydrolysate, a natural supplement derived from fish protein which has demonstrated proven results for managing stress in dogs. When fed over a period of 6 weeks, Royal Canin Relax Care was demonstrated to help over 44% of dogs behave normally despite changing situations in an urban environment. Feeding a complementary wet food alongside dry kibble provides your dog with some variety but also helps to boost their water intake for better hydration, supporting urinary tract health.