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Rogz AirTech Classic Lead

Recommended for everyday use, Rogz AirTech Classic Leads are lightweight and offer supreme comfort with a soft padded handle that has an accessory pouch to hold a waste bag.
The reflective stitching ensures that you maintain visibility and safety on any adventure. The aerospace grade, lightweight aluminium and lockable carabiner are easy to use and quiet in action.

Key Features:

* Padded Handle Soft padded handle with accessory pouch to hold waste bag;
* 360° Reflective Multiple areas of reflective stitching ensuring great night-time visibility;
* Supreme Comfort Engineered fabric with soft, smooth rounded edges and diamond mesh;
* Lightweight Lightweight trims, components, soft tethering and mesh webbing;
* Lockable Carabiner Aluminium, lightweight, lockable carabiner that’s easy to use.