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Advance Wet Cat Food Pouches Kitten Jelly Chicken

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Advance cat food formulas are made with quality Australian ingredients, using world-leading research and over 45 years of manufacturing experience, to create exceptional diets ensuring a healthy, long and active life.

This super premium, wet kitten food is complete and nutritionally balanced to support the healthy growth and development of your kitten. It has been formulated to promote healthy digestion, with a specific amount of high quality protein and calcium to support optimal growth, and is fortified with DHA for healthy brain development.

Key Features:

* Wet kitten food with tasty chicken in jelly flavour;
* Added calcium and high quality protein to support healthy growth;
* DHA for brain development;
* No added artificial flavours or preservatives;
* Suitable for kittens from 2 to 12 months of age.