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Aqua Medic Smart Drift 11.1 Compact Current Pump

Aqua Medic Smart Drift is a compact, powerful and very quiet flow pump for marine aquariums to create a soft flow. In addition to the included controller, the pump has an app control with smartphone or tablet to regulate the flow rate and wave frequency. The SmartDrift pump is a magnetically coupled current pump and very quiet in operation. It has a fully encapsulated synchronous motor. All materials are salt-water resistant. The pump is operated at 24 V DC safety voltage, with the power supply included. The pump is adjustable.

- control and programming via App (iTunes and Google Playstore) or manually via the controller
- simultaneous control of several pumps possible
- multiprogramming of pumps via master-slave or cross-flow possible
- different flow patterns can be set
- feeding pause at the touch of a button
- new flow pattern due to innovative impeller technology ensures extreme smooth running
- polished ceramic shaft and bearings for quiet operation and low maintenance
- power-saving D/C motor 24 V, high efficiency
- 0 - 10 V connection for external control options

Smart Drift 3.1 (For aquariums up to 300L)
Smart Drift 7.1 (For aquariums up to 800L)
Smart Drift 11.1 (For aquariums up to 1,500L)