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Barkley & Bella Dog Bowl Ceramic Love Heart

Stunning and Functional Piece: The Heart Ceramic Dog Bowl fuses style with practicality, providing a charming and durable addition to any pet owner's abode. The heart-shaped design offers a chic touch, while the ceramic built ensures longevity and ease of cleaning.
No More Spills and Mess: Designed with a broad and firm base, this pet bowl aims to eliminate spills and mess. Bid farewell to scattered food and water, and welcome a neater and cleaner feeding area for your beloved pet.
Versatile and Long-lasting with Return Option: Regardless of your pet's size, this Heart Ceramic Dog Bowl caters to all. The generous 20cm diameter offers abundant room for food and water, ensuring your pet stays nourished and hydrated. Crafted from top-quality ceramic, the bowl is designed to resist wear and tear, promising years of service