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Furkidz Dog Step For Bed/Vehicle Beige

The FurKidz Dog Stairs in a chic beige are the perfect assistive addition for pets needing a boost to reach their favorite spots comfortably. Designed for small to medium breeds or aging companions with mobility restrictions, these stairs provide a safe and secure means to access beds, sofas, or vehicles effortlessly. The foldable structure combines convenience with a sturdy build, crafted to accommodate daily usage without compromising on your pets safety or comfort.

Made with premium, durable plastic, designed to withstand extensive use
Convenient folding mechanism for easy storage and portability
Ultralight structure for quick setup and repositioning
Anti-slip surface and padded feet for increased security
Can support pets up to 80kg, catering to a wide range of sizes and breeds
Featherlight at only 1.5 kg for hassle-free mobility
Folded: 62cm x 38cm x 14cm (LxWxH) - compact for discreet storage
Open: 38cm x 38cm x 47cm (LxWxH) - spacious for easy, confident steps
Committed to pet-centric design, FurKidz aligns convenience with innovation in every product. The brand prides itself on delivering solutions like the FurKidz Dog Stairs that uphold both pet wellbeing and owner peace of mind. By choosing FurKidz, you invest in superior craftsmanship and a dedication to pet contentment and autonomy.

Enhance your pets freedom and comfort with our inclusive range of mobility aids, from ramps to steps, tailored to various pet needs. Gain insights on maintaining joint health and accommodating mobility challenges with our expert-derived guide, Tips for Caring for a Dog With Arthritis. With FurKidz Dog Stairs, ensure your loyal friends safety while nurturing their independence to navigate their beloved elevated spaces with ease.