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Knot-A-Rope, Living World’s line of multi-coloured cotton perches offers a wide and interesting array of safe, durable and flexible perches. Made of good quality rope, the cotton perches are banana scented, a wonderful fragrance that birds will love.

Recommended for: small to medium sized birds including budgies and cockatiels

Since the 1970s, Living World has had a passion for caring for small pets and birds ? who, in our humble opinion (and probably in Living Worlds opinion, too) deserve just as much love as bigger pets. Their extensive range of products encourages natural behaviour to make your pets feel instinctively comfortable in your home.

This multicoloured rope perch makes an entertaining and attractive addition to any cage or aviary. Made using quality rope, this perch comes in a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit birds of all sizes.

Multicoloured rope perch for birds
Banana scented knot
Safe, durable and flexible