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Pet One Wee Wee Training Pad

Pet One Wee Wee Training Pads take the stress out of puppy toilet training and are a great hygienic aid for house breaking new pups and for dogs that are incontinent and prone to ‘accidents.’ Each toilet training pad can hold up to a massive 1300ml of liquid! Available in 14, 30 and 50 packs.

The Wee Wee Puppy and Dog Toilet Training Pads are made from super absorbent polymer filling to trap to trap and retain moisture, with each pad holding 1300mL of liquid! Wee Wee Training Pads also assist with odour control and have sealed edges to lock in wetness and prevent leakage.


* Ideal for indoor & outdoor use;
* Can be used in crates, carriers or dog homes;
* Can be used to avoid accidents on your car when travelling long distances with your pets;
* Plastic backing on pads protects carpets & floors when toilet training;
* Dimesions: 60 x 60cm.