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Yours Droolly Playsafe Muzzle

The Yours Droolly Soft Dog Muzzle is a practical and gentler alternative to standard plastic muzzles. This comfortable fabric muzzle is an ideal solution for restraining typically well-behaved dogs from biting or barking in public and is made from strong yet soft tear-resistant nylon which allows your pet to breathe, pant, and drink while remaining securely in place.

XS: Measures 10.5-12cm. Suitable for extra-small breeds such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers.

S Measures 13.5-16.5cm. Suitable for small breeds such as Jack Russells and Maltese Terriers.

M: Measures 14.5-19cm. Suitable for medium-sized breeds such as Beagles and Bulldogs.

L: Measures 19-24cm. Suitable for large breeds such as Dobermans and Pointers.

XL: Measures 20-25cm. Suitable for extra-large breeds such as Labradors and German Shepherds.

XXL: Measures 22-28cm. Suitable for giant breeds such as St. Bernards and Great Danes.