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Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Digestion Lamb All Size Dry Dog Food

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PRO PLAN Adult Sensitive Digestion Lamb Dry Dog Food

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PRO PLAN Adult Sensitive Digestion Lamb Dry Dog Food is scientifically developed to help dogs with digestive sensitivities.

This premium dry dog food contains a prebiotic source, proven to improve one of the common causes of sensitive digestion - intestinal microflora imbalance, and to help faecal consistency.

The added insoluble dietary fibres help regulate the intestinal transit and promote digestive comfort in your dog. Fortified with key nutrients to help provide targeted benefits, such as high digestibility and high nutrient absorption to support your dogs long-term health.

Characteristics of a dog with a sensitive digestive system.

A dogs digestive system can sometimes be sensitive, just like ours. If you notice any of these symptoms, he may be experiencing digestive discomfort:

* Occasional diarrhea, loose stools.
* Digestive upset
* Reduced appetite or fussiness.
* Gas, flatulence.
* Supporting your dogs sensitive stomach.

Dealing with the symptoms of stomach sensitivity can be hard on the whole family (especially those on backyard duty.) This highly digestible formula contains a selected prebiotic source and other quality ingredients, which helps to reduce the workload on the digestive system, improving nutrient absorption and stool quality.

Features & Benefits:

* Happier tummies: Easy-to-digest and gentle on an inflamed digestive tract. Prebiotics to balance your dogs microflora, reducing tummy upsets and improving stool quality.
* Healthier gut and stools: Contains dietary fibre for intestinal health.
* Premium ingredients: Real lamb as the #1 ingredient.
* Supports stronger immunity: Antioxidants to support immunity.
* Healthy teeth and gums: Reduces tartar formation.
* Made in Australia: With no added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Feeding Guide:

* Designed specifically for adult dogs aged 12 months and over.
* Complete and balanced in line with AAFCO feeding guidelines.
* Always observe the feeding amounts specified for your dogs individual lifestage.