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Rogz AirTech Sport Harness

With the ergonomic design of the Rogz AirTech Sport Harness, it is quick and easy to fit. The belay loop on the harness allows for a lead attachment and when used with AirTech leads, the carabiner slides side to side for freedom of movement for both adventurer and fur companion. The engineered fabric is extremely soft and comfortable, perfect for outdoor activities and long wear. The harness is fully adjustable with reflective stitching.

Key Features:

* Quick-Fit Slip harness over your dog’s head and clip buckle under girth;
* Belay Loop Carabiner slides side to side for freedom of movement without pulling;
* Supreme Comfort Engineered fabric with soft, smooth rounded edges and diamond mesh;
* Writeable ID Tag Write your contact information on the ID-Tag paper;
* 360° Reflective Multiple areas of reflective stitching ensuring great night-time visibility.