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Vetafarn Origins Mini Bale Fescue Hay

These Mini Bales are created from farm to bale by Vetafarm. We have dedicated years into researching and developing the unique Mini Bales from growing our own lucerne to manufacturing our own unique machinery to bale the hay to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality hay to your small animals.

Our lucerne hay is grown locally in the Riverina region of NSW Australia on our dedicated farm and hand selected each season for its quality, fibre content and aroma. The hay is then baled into mini bales to make feeding easy and convenient and help reduce mess.

Digestive Function:

The digestive systems of rabbits and guinea pigs have adapted to a herbivorous diet high in fibre. High-quality indigestible fibre assists the movement of food through the digestive system. Lack of fibre can cause the slowing of the digestive tract, leading to GI stasis.

Optimum Nutrition:

High-fibre hay for optimum small animal nutrition. Dental and Digestion – Roughage that supports dental and digestive health. Australian Made – Made with fresh, hand-selected local Australian produce.


Unlimited Fresh Water – 75% Lucerne Hay – 20% Origins Pellets – 5% Treats & Vegetables

Break off large handfuls of Origins Fescue Hay from the bale and provide to your pet daily. Your small animal should always have hay available to ensure optimum dental health and digestive wellbeing.